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Jimmy's place

Come as guests, leave as friends

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Welcome to Pizza Cave, an iconic cornerstone of tradition, culture and great food for both locals and tourists since 1983.

Located in the picturesque fishing village of Ormos, Pizza Cave has a history of legacy and tradition with the same pizza dough and sauce recipe still being used today since it was opened by Jimmy (Dimitri) Arnaoutis and Uncle John (Yianni).

All Arnaoutis family members have worked at the pizzeria and today it is run by Jimmy’s son Mike and his wife Karolina.

This family history is felt in every aspect of the business even to the way they welcome guests, as family with great warmth and joy, generations of families have eaten at the pizzeria. Kids have strolled the streets of Ormos with a soft serve ice cream from Pizza Cave only to bring their children in later years to do the same.

While many things remain the same, the menu has evolved under the management of Mike and Karolina, their love of burgers now evident on the menu, with a wide variety available and vegetarian options to choose from and vegan cheese too.

There is something for everyone, delicious salads, their famous secret recipe tzatziki , tasty snacks of wedges and onion rings to name a few and of course the iconic pizzas they are famous for. Those more decadent can choose from a range of belly filling scrumptious pastas covered in cheese and baked in the oven. To finish off, a delicious soft serve ice cream to stroll the streets of ormos while watching the colored fishing boats in the marina… Perfect

Pizza Cave is open from 8am to late, beer and wine and good music will always be flowing and for any music aficionados grab an instrument from Mikes collections and start jamming.

We hope you take the time to stop in and visit; we are passionate about our business and the South West of Samos and are happy to share both loves with you.